What Travel Will be Like in 2021

The first full year of implementation of the United Nations Global Compact on Travel Insurance (GCTC) took place during the year 2021. In this year, after careful deliberation and assessment, the GCTC was launched.

This compact, which is to be signed by all member countries, seeks to “promote the safe and smooth conduct of travel.”

Although there is a lot of discussion surrounding the issues of what should be contained in this compact, one thing is certain – there will be many expectations regarding pandemic preparedness.

Some may be concerned about the potential for increased travel screenings at airports in light of the pandemic. Some may be concerned about a lack of vaccines for certain types of diseases. Other concerns focus on the potential for the introduction of a new or existing terrorist organization into the area.

These are all legitimate issues that have to be addressed and security measures are going to be increased in place. However, one area that many people forget in the planning stages of a trip abroad is the possibility of an unforeseen pandemic that could disrupt travel to the tune of millions of travelers.

As has been previously mentioned, the threat of a new or existing outbreak of a disease that could spread around the globe has been a worry of scientists for some time. For the past several decades, bioterrorism has been a serious concern.

It is unfortunate but true that every year the threat of a bioterrorism attack has become greater. The potential for pandemic to occur should be taken very seriously. Proper pandemic preparation can help prevent the possibility of another widespread pandemic.

Traveling Between Regions

One area that should be closely monitored is travel between regions.

While the potential for another pandemic is great, the potential also exists for a widespread panic resulting from a false alarm. Therefore, additional security measures will need to be put into place to monitor travel.

Additional checks and enhanced security will be necessary for people planning to travel internationally. The addition of metal detectors at airports has been an effective measure in the past, but it is now also a necessity for international travel.

COVID Vaccinations

It is also important that travelers understand how their current vaccinations will react if they decide to travel. Proper training for immunizations should be completed before departure.

Travelers should also familiarize themselves with the types of travel vaccines available to them in the future. Knowing what to do if a pandemic does arrive can be the difference between life and death.