The Houston Orange Show

A mail carrier in Houston, TX, Jeff McKissack transformed an empty rural lot next to his home into The Orange Show because of his favorite tropical fruit.

Working in isolation from 1956 until he died in 1980, McKissack transformed his land plot using standard building materials and junk like bricks, tiles, fencing, and farm implements into an architectural maze of walkways, balconies, arenas, and exhibits decorated with mosaics and brightly painted iron figures.

What started as a simple task turned into a massive event that attracted hundreds of spectators from all over the United States.

One visitor, an owner of a junk removal company (, was amazed since he is accustomed to hauling junk away, not admiring it. But sometimes trash can be transformed into something beautiful, as the Orange Show attests.

The Orange Show Center For Visionary Art

The Orange Show, now called The Orange Show Center For Visionary Art, is an organization that provides educational opportunities to people of all ages, with a vision of helping children develop their visual skills, promote imagination, and foster the creativity of young people.

The Center was established in 1980 and has grown to be an international organization. They offer programs to foster young artists’ growth in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, and other countries.

The Center offers workshops, lectures, seminars, and other activities. They also sponsor various art and music festivals, giving children a chance to experience the beauty of music and the arts in the outdoors and at night. The Center also encourages parents to get involved and provide their children with the experiences that will allow them to grow into responsible citizens.

The Center works diligently to promote community unity, education, and art. By working with organizations, local governments, businesses, and community leaders, they hope to help create a healthy, vibrant Houston where everyone has a chance to live a fulfilling and successful life.