The Best Costa Rica Surfing Spots

Playa Blanca is among the finest surfing destinations in all of Costa Rica. Many good breaks, ranging from a river-mouth break, which can be excellent with the right wind direction and size, to the ocean-side break, which is perfect with a decent wind direction.

The sand bottom and warm water make this place a great place to study how to surf, and there are many good surf schools and camps here. If you plan on visiting the area, you will want to check out some of the other surf breaks near Playa Blanca as well. Here is what you should expect to see at a few of the other popular surfing spots in Costa Rica:

La Boca

The most well-known surf break in Tamanaco is La Boca. This is an excellent surf school and a great surf spot. This place has plenty of good surf breaks, and the best is a nice river mouth break.

The significant advantage of surfing here is that you can see the waves while breaking, which gives you a great view of the water and allows you to practice your surfing skills before heading to the big blue ocean.

Playa Marques

Another popular surf spot in Tamanaco is Playa Marques. There is a good selection of different breaks on this place, and you can check out some of the great surf breaks when the surf is not so good. You can look at the big blue ocean from the break and learn the basics of surfing when it isn’t so busy.


If you haven’t been to Tamanaco but are thinking about going to surf vacationing, you may want to visit another city like Tela.

This town is perfect for surfing because of all the great surfing spots available. There are a couple of perfect breaks that range from small river mouths to sizeable open ocean waves, and if you are looking for a good beginner break, you should consider this place.

Playa Del Carmen

There are also several nice big breaks on the north side of Playa Del Carmen for beginners to choose from, including an excellent reef break that is a good beginner break. Tela also offers other things besides surfing, including fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more. This is an excellent option for those interested in surfing but would still love to go surfing.

Playa Chiquita

Some other areas of Costa Rica are considered excellent surf vacation spots, such as Playa Chiquita. Here you can check out several good surf breaks, including the extended ocean-side break and the small river mouth break. These two spots are excellent for those looking to surf without spending a lot of money on expensive hotel accommodations.

The weather in Costa Rica is delightful, and the water is always warm, so you can expect a good time surfing in any season.